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Rent a Holiday Flat at Finansforbundet’s Holiday Exchange

You can rent holiday homes from your colleagues in the sector at Finansforbundet's holiday exchange – choose from hundreds of holiday homes in both Denmark and abroad. You can also rent out your own holiday home via Finansforbundet's holiday exchange.

Finansforbundet’s holiday exchange contains private holiday homes only, and anything concerning the rental of a holiday home is a relationship between the lessor and the lessee. Finansforbundet is therefore not responsible for the content of advertisements, the condition of holiday homes, prices etc.

It is free to use Finansforbundet’s holiday exchange, irrespective of whether you wish to rent or rent out a holiday home.

What to do

Find the holiday home you would like to rent and contact the lessor.

You can also create your own advertisement if you have a holiday home you would like to rent out.

Finansforbundet’s holiday exchange

Contact us

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