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Attractive Insurance Offers in Tryg

Car, travel or personal insurance? Get attractive offers and fixed low prices for your insurance policies in Tryg. Start by giving yourself an insurance check-up to find out if you can save money or get better insurance coverage.

Tryg and Finansforbundet have concluded an attractive agreement, which applies to all members of Finansforbundet. This means that your insurance policies will be inexpensive and tailored to your needs. And this applies whether you are a student or already established in the job market.

Get an insurance check-up - call +45 4420 5200

Get help choosing the right insurance policies

It can be difficult to determine if you have the best solution in terms of both coverage and finances, as well as the benefits you can receive by changing to Tryg.

That is why Tryg offers an insurance check-up - call +45 44 20 52 00 and talk to an adviser in Tryg who can review your current insurance policies and provide you with an offer to suit your specific needs.

You can also choose to upload your existing policies and send them to Tryg, who will then get back to you with an offer. You can do this on Tryg’s website, where you can also calculate the cost of the insurance policies you are interested in.

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Upload your policies (Danish)

Calculate your insurance policies (Danish)

Customers of Tryg are members of TryghedsGruppen

As a customer of Tryg via the partnership between Finansforbundet, you are also a member of TryghedsGruppen, which is the principal owner of Tryg and is also behind TrygFonden. This provides you with several benefits: You are helping to create greater security in Denmark and may be entitled to a bonus.

TryghedsGruppen attaches great importance to ensuring that customers receive a share of any profit. This has resulted in customers being paid an annual bonus of 8% of their insurance premium in recent years.

TryghedsGruppen also runs TrygFonden, which is known for sponsoring defibrillators, coastal lifeguards and cuddly bears.

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