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About Finansforbundet

Finansforbundet is the Financial Services Union in Denmark. We are a Danish union and we welcome all foreign nationals working in the field of finance in Denmark.

Finansforbundet is a Danish union for everybody working in the field of finance no matter your background or nationality. We have more than 55.000 members, that is around 4 out of 5 working in the finance sector. Our members include e.g. students, IT specialists, finance professionals, managers and leaders in finance.

Finansforbundet is politically independent but seeks actively to influence decision-makers in Denmark and Europe to improve the interests of finance employees. We negotiate the standard collective agreement covering the entire finance sector.

We have 1.200 local union representatives in place, who are ready to help you in the work place.

Join us - do like almost eight out of ten financial-sector employees.

Reasons to become a member

As a foreign national in Denmark, it pays to be a member of a strong trade union that knows the sector. We have experts in all matters related to the labour market in the finance sector in Denmark. Our lawyers, social workers and other experts make sure that your employment contract, salary and working conditions fully comply with the agreed terms and conditions in the Danish finance sector.

As a member of Finansforbundet you will be part of Denmark's largest network for finance professionals. You will also get access to a new world of free events, career opportunities and other attractive offers.

In other words we are here for you in all matters concerning your work life and career opportunities.

Become a member

We are a trade union for the entire financial sector, and we know what it means to work in a financial company. We offer sector-specific legal advice and assistance with job satisfaction and careers. We also give you the opportunity to strengthen your social and professional networks across the financial sector. The first three months are free.

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