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Danish Culture and Networking

How did the Danes become Danish and what are the cultural characteristics of the Danish culture?

5. Nov 2019
1 min

​These were the questions at the event "Meet the Danes", where the Danish anthropologist, Dennis Nørmark, through data and anecdotes painted a cultural portrait of the "Danish tribe" and introduced some of the unique cultural aspects of the Danish society, from the soft do's and don'ts of the culture to the hardcore values of society.

The event was held in Finansforbundet on October 31, where more than 80 international members and non-members attended. After Dennis Nørmark's humorous lecture, it was time to mingle while the participants were served food. Finally, Bo Steen Hansen gave a short presentation of his company Sparkling Tea of Copenhagen. Everyone were given the opportunity to taste three different versions of the sparkling tea while networking

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