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Finansforbundet organises a wide range of events all over Denmark, and they are usually free of charge for members.

The events are tailored to the needs of financial sector employees, enabling you to acquire unique, specialised knowledge about your career, sector trends and other topics. The topics cover sought-after skill-sets and relevant qualifications and span a wide range, such as FinTech, management and personal development.​Many events are held in Danish, but we also provide events in English (updated continuously).

See all the events held by Finansforbundet (Danish)

Workshop: Boost Your Online Presence (Oct 8th)

Get the tricks that lift your online presence to the next level so you become influential through the computer screen. The tricks are easy to apply and will have an instant impact on your virtual performance.

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Webinar: How to create an efficient workday - also for non-members (Oct 21th)

Do you work in a busy environment and sometimes find it hard to concentrate? Learn how to handle interruptions, create an efficient to do-list and get things done.

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