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We are there for you if you are dismissed

If you have been dismissed, we are here to help you with clarifying the legal aspects, and with support and help moving forward in your working life.

If you have been dismissed, we are ready with specialised help targeted to your precise situation. Together with Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund, part of FTF-a, we can help you even during the notice period.

Because we know the sector and your rights, we can:

  • Assist you locally through your union representative or local union, who can help support you in difficult conversations.
  • Clarify legal questions about your rights in terms of justification, notice period, compensation, being released from notice, etc. as well as any offer of a settlement agreement.
  • Assess and take up your case if there is a legal basis. There is a deadline of four weeks to respond and possibly claim compensation – this applies from the time you have received a notice of termination or information about a significant change in your work.
  • Support you during the situation and achieve greater satisfaction via a job satisfaction interview.
  • Clarify your skills and job opportunities via an individual career interview with a focus on how to progress to your next job.
  • Equip yourself with advice, guidance, and feedback on how to write job applications and CVs.
  • Review your employment contract when you land your new job.

Specialised help with restructuring, mergers, etc.

If you have been dismissed due to your own circumstances, such as violation of company procedures, long-term illness or lack of performance, we can offer legal advice, career and job satisfaction interviews, and information meetings about your rights and obligations in connection with the dismissal.

If you have not been dismissed due to your own circumstances but rather the company’s circumstances, such as restructuring, merger, or as part of a larger round of dismissals, we are specially prepared to go out to the company to take care of all dismissed members. This involves joint information meetings about your rights and obligations in connection with the dismissals.

Did you know that...

Finansforbundet has ensured that employees who are made redundant due to the company’s circumstances are entitled to:

  • A notice period and compensation in accordance with the Danish Salaried Employees Act and the collective agreement.
  • Employees who are not entitled to severance pay from the company are offered compensation of one month of salary if they have not gotten a job at the end of the notice period.
  • An outplacement program with a value of at least DKK 25,000.
  • During the notice period, freedom to engage in outplacement activities and skill-building training with pay.

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