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New job? Learn about salary and your rights

When you have found a new job, we are right here to help you get a good start when taking on new challenges in your working life. We can advise you on pay matters, your employment contract, and your rights.

Employment contract advice


Remember that a contract can always be negotiated, for example the salary and other benefits.


Make sure to have a contract in place before starting a new job.


Have our lawyers go through your contract before signing it. You will get a reply within 24 hours.

Understand your employment contract

Make sure that you understand the terms of your employment contract – always ask our legal advisers to review your contract before signing it.

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Know your rights

Want to know more about your rights?

Find the collective agreement applicable to your company. The collective agreements have either been concluded with an employer’s association or with the individual company.

Find Your Collective Agreement

Pay and salary negotiations

Not a member?

New job? Let us assist you from day one

Eight out of ten employees in the financial sector are members already. We offer sectoral advice about your well-being, your career and your rights and opportunities to participate in events and networks.

First three months are free

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