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Advice on salary - get help with pay level and negotiations

At Finansforbundet, we know the importance of your salary. For that reason, you can get professional advice about wages and pay negotiations, whether you need to discuss your salary at a new job or during your annual review.

Your salary is a vital part of your employment terms, so it's important that it reflects the value and quality of your work, as well as your qualifications and skills. With Finansforbundet's salary calculator, you can gain insight into your salary level and compare it with other employees in the financial sector.

Salary Calculator. Discover what you should be paid. The calculations are based on salary information from 68,000 employees in the financial sector. Se, hvad du bør få i løn. Beregningerne er baseret på lønoplysninger for 68.000 ansatte i den finansielle sektor. 

Pay Package Calculator. See what is included in your pay package and calculate the total value of all your job benefits. For example, you can use the pay package calculator when changing jobs and compare the value of both pay packages. 

Professional advice about salary 

You can negotiate your salary during your annual review and when you start a new job. Our legal experts know the financial sector and can equip you for the review, providing insights on what you can negotiate and how to do it. 

Good and thorough preparation is crucial to ensure that you can get the most out of your salary review. 

Call us at 32 66 13 30 if you would like advice on wages. 

Get equipped for salary negotiations

Take the time to prepare yourself before a salary negotiation. It can be crucial in determining whether you get the most out of it. Get helpful advice on how to prepare yourself the best.

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