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Why do you need a trade union?

As a student, you can get help from us the whole way along - from when you start your studies until you land your first job. We have specific offers that are targeted at your student life, such as help with job hunting, legal coverage, and professional inspiration.

Finansforbundet is an industry-specific trade union for the financial sector. As a member with us, we represent you as an employee in your student job and look after your interests in your work life - both now and later if you get a full-time job in the financial sector.

How you can use us

During your studies, we can support you with specific offers that are targeted to your student life, such as help finding a relevant student job or an internship, coaching on CVs and applications, legal coverage as well as inspiration and continuing development of your skills in the form of relevant courses and events within the financial sector. In other words, we have a strong focus on you thriving and succeeding in both your student life and work life.

In addition, we work to ensure good conditions in general in jobs in the financial sector. We do this in part by negotiating the framework for the work via a collective agreement, which you will also be covered by if you are employed in a student job or later get a full-time job in the financial sector. The collective agreement guarantees our members the right to good terms - with regard to salary, paid sick leave, extra holiday days, dental insurance, pension, etc. This way, the collective agreement ensures better employment terms than if your employer simply complied with the law.

Free membership

A student membership with us is free for students. We have chosen to offer this because we want to help you on your way in your future career.

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As a student member, you get several special offers targeted at life as a student. You get access to inexpensive insurance, inspiring events, and coaching on your career opportunities. The membership is free for the entirety of your education.

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