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Why should you become a student member?

As a student member, you get several special offers targeted at life as a student. You get access to inexpensive insurance, inspiring events, and coaching on your career opportunities. The membership is free for the entirety of your education.

Price: DKK 0/month.

Become a free member throughout your studies if you are studying within the financial sector. Price after graduation: DKK 285/month if you are employed and DKK 170/month if you are unemployed.

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Events and courses - also for students

Study techniques, student well-being, LinkedIn or something else entirely. Get full access to events where you can meet employees in the financial sector and strengthen your network early. Many courses are specifically for students - most are free.

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Insurance with Tryg for DKK 60/month

Rental, travel, accident and vehicle. With Tryg’s inexpensive student insurance, you are covered if your belongings are damaged, your bike is stolen, or you become ill on your holiday. Student insurance covers up to nine months after you have completed your studies. Get student insurance with Tryg for DKK 60 a month.

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What does Finansforbundet do for students?

Get an introduction to Finansforbundet and hear about everything we can do for you. If you click the link and fill out the form, we will call you as soon as possible.

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Free dental and health insurance

If you have a student job in a financial company that is covered by the Standard Collective Agreement, you have free dental and health insurance. It can give you a subsidy for your dental bill or bill for treatment by a physiotherapist and access to fast treatment.

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Can you become a member?

All students in programmes that focus on the financial sector can become a member.

When can you cancel your membership?

There is no notice period as a student. You can cancel any day.

As you approach your graduation date, you will get a call from us, where we look together at your options as a member of the financial sector.

If you do not want to continue as a paying member, please contact us at

What to do if you are about to graduate from your higher education?

We are always ready to advise you as you approach your graduation. If you have completed your education, you will receive an email from us with relevant information that we need from you to be able to help you as best we can.

What is Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund?

Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund is part of FTFa and is an option available to those studying within the financial sector. We offer a combined solution so that we can provide complete and relevant advice, where the unemployment insurance fund and union support all aspects of your student life.

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Are you consindering a membership?

32 66 13 70

If you have questions about a membership, you are welcome to call or write to us.

We will gladly help by registering you directly over the phone as well.

Yours sincerely,

Getting your study partner to join?

If you are happy with your membership, please pass along the good advice. Both you and your study partner will receive a gift card with a value of DKK 100. You'll get a gift card for each time you help us get a new student member.

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