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Get student insurance with Tryg – tailored to your life

With Tryg’s inexpensive student insurance, you are covered if your belongings are damaged, your bike is stolen, or you become ill on your holiday. Student insurance covers up to nine months after you have completed your studies.

Get help in choosing the right insurance policies

It can be hard to see which insurances you need as a student. Therefore, we have put together a student insurance that costs starting at DKK 60/month.

The student insurance for DKK 60/month consists of:

  • The home contents insurance, which covers the contents of your home if they are destroyed or damaged. Or, even worse, if you end up damaging someone else’s property.
  • The travel insurance, which covers you if you become ill or injured on a trip and need treatment or transport home. It also covers if you or your baggage are delayed.

Would you like to be covered in the event of accidents? + DKK 45/month

It is always a good idea to have accident insurance. Accident insurance covers you so that you can get compensation if you are injured and suffer permanent physical or mental damage. Your family will also be paid compensation if you die in an accident.

Would you like even better coverage?

If you want even better coverage, you can opt for:

  • Electronics + DKK 39/month
    That way you can get compensation if, for example, you lose your computer or mobile phone
  • Expanded travel insurance + DKK 29/month
    This way, you have the option of cancelling the trip
  • Expanded bike insurance + DKK 29/month
    With this, you can get damage to your bike covered if you crash.

How to purchase Tryg's student insurance

You can purchase student insurance online whenever it suits you. Read more and buy your tailored insurance here: 

Buy student insurance

(The site is in Danish as of yet.)

Customers of Tryg are also members of TryghedsGruppen

As a customer of Tryg via the partnership between Finansforbundet, you are also a member of TryghedsGruppen, which is the principal owner of Tryg and is also behind TrygFonden. This provides you with several benefits: You are helping to create greater security in Denmark and may be entitled to a bonus.

TryghedsGruppen attaches great importance to ensuring that customers receive a share of any profit. This has resulted in customers being paid an annual bonus of 8% of their insurance premium in recent years.

TryghedsGruppen also runs TrygFonden, which is known for sponsoring defibrillators, coastal lifeguards, and cuddly bears.

Read more about TryghedsGruppen

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