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Would your colleague like to join us too?

You receive a gift card of 400 DKK every time you help us gain a new paying member

There are three potential benefits to inviting your colleague into the community:

  1. The more members we have, the stronger we become.
  2. Your colleague gains access to attractive membership benefits - and the first three months of membership are free (a value of 855 DKK*).
  3. You get a gift card of DKK 400 when your colleague becomes a paying member of Finansforbundet

All you need to do is invite your colleague for an informal chat with us, where we'll explain the many membership benefits. Once your colleague joins you will both receive a 400 DKK gift card that you can use at hundreds of stores, such as Matas, H&M, or Magasin.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Get your colleague's consent.
  2. Fill out the form below ↓

Remember to obtain your colleague's consent in advance.

This campaign is valid for paying members.



Submitting the form means that your colleague has accepted to have a no-obligation talk with us.

Contact details are deleted no later than 12 months. If your colleague changes their mind, either one of you must inform us by sending an e-mail to

*If you are employed in the sector, the membership may be discontinued at three months’ notice to expire at the end of a month. If you become unemployed, or if you retire, a notice period of one month applies if you switch to a job in another sector.

Rules and FAQ

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Benefits of joining

See all the member benefits, advisory services, expertise and events tailored to employees working in the financial sector. New members get the first three months for free.

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