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Getting your
study partner
to join?

If you are a member and recommend Finansforbundet to a fellow student, both you and your fellow student will receive a gift card. Student memberships are free for the entirety of your education.

Student memberships are free for the entire duration of your education, which includes inexpensive insurance, free courses in Excel, etc., and many other benefits. All you have to do is recommend your study partner to a non-committal chat with us, where we talk about all the benefits of being a member of Finansforbundet. 

What to do

When you've got your study partner's consent, please fill in the form below. After this, we contact them by telephone or e-mail. If you have many fellow students whom you want to submit, please feel free to send an e-mail to They must all consent to this before you send it our way.  

The campaign applies to active student members only.

The name of your fellow student.
The phone number of your fellow student.
Contact data will be deleted after 12 months at the latest.
When you submit the form, it means that your fellow student has accepted a non-committal chat with us.

Contact information will get deleted after 12 months. If your fellow student regrets their consent, then one of you must send a mail to

*As a student, there is no notice period and you may cancel your membership from day to day. As you approach your graduation date, you will get a call from us, where we look together at your options as a member of the financial sector.

Rules and FAQ

In Danish? 

What you'll get as a member

Get an overview of the membership benefits that'll be available for you as a student member. A student membership is free for the entirety of ones education.

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