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Annual General Meeting 2023: Connecting members and challenging decisions

Annual General Meeting 24 March 2023

Formal invitation in Danish, click here

Finansforbundet in Nordea invites to our Annual General Meeting (AGM) Friday 24 March 2023 at 18-21.30 with beer tasting afterwards.

It is no longer possible to sign up with the right to vote

There are three possibilities to participate:

  1. Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers (ALL SOLD OUT PER 20 FEBRUARY 2023)
  2. Locally with your colleagues at the workplace
  3. From home

In other words, we are repeating last year's success, where you can participate in the way you prefer.

This year's AGM has the theme ‘Connecting members and challenging decisions’.

Non-native Danish? Consider to join!

As in previous years, the AGM will be held in Danish. If you have some knowledge of Danish, we encourage you to participate - maybe you can ask a colleague to translate the overall themes. The voting ballot will be in both Danish and English.

Here is more info about the three options:

1. Participation at Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers (NO MORE SEATS!)

For those attending the AGM at Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers in Ørestad near Field's, an easy-to-eat dinner will be served during the AGM. After the AGM, there will be social gatherings with colleagues, and you have the opportunity to sign up for a beer tasting with Carsten Berthelsen.

If you have allergies, are a vegetarian or vegan, please contact Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers directly at, write Diets Finansforbundet i Nordea in the subject field in the mail.

You must take care of transport yourself. Finansforbundet in Nordea covers your expenses when you use the cheapest public transport. If you drive your own car, we encourage you to fill up the car with as many colleagues as possible. Possible joint public transport: Please contact your (senior) union representative, who may order a combined ticket.

If you wish to share a double room with another participating member, please contact Evy Grønvall from Finansforbundet at

2. Participation at the workplace

You can choose to participate at your workplace locally together with your colleagues, where you follow the AGM on a pc or on a big screen.

We pay for a welcome drink, tapas menu and drinks for up to DKK 250 per person. After the AGM, you can participate in the beer tasting with Carsten Berthelsen.

Before the AGM, you will receive a link to be able to follow the AGM and the beer tasting virtually.

Local event planner
You will have to find an event planner who is responsible for the event locally - manage registrations, receive the beer bottles and order the food. If you yourself would like to be your local event planner, please contact your colleagues as soon as possible so they know the opportunity and you can coordinate. Also notify board member Katja Larsen ( / mobile 20 66 84 21). We will contact you with further information and invite you to a guiding Teams meeting etc.

It is no longer possible to sign up for the beer tasting.

By clicking here, you can see an email text, which you can personalize and send to your colleagues (due to the GDPR we are unfortunately not allowed to inform you about which of your colleagues are members).

3. Participation from home

If you prefer to participate from home, that is also an option. You will receive a link so you can follow the AGM virtually.

We pay for food and drinks for up to DKK 250 per participating member. You are welcome to watch the beer tasting, but we will not send bottles to you privately.

Email address

Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email, which will be sent to the email address you have specified as preferred in Finansforbundet's membership system. You can edit it by logging in here and scrolling a bit down.

Remember to reserve time for the AGM incl. any transport in your calendar!

Refusion of expenses

We cover the expenses mentioned at the different possibilities for participation.

Please note that the amount for ordinary members is reported as B-income (B-indkomst). If you have any questions regarding this, contact Lisbeth Møller Gladov at / tel. 55 47 45 58.

After the AGM, you’ll have to fill out this document in Word and send the document with documentation (photos of receipts) as an email to Union representatives should use zExpense instead.



You can find the audited accounts, the final agenda and all proposals incl. candidates for the Board of Directors and deputies in Danish at (the Danish site) from no later than 24 February.

If you have questions, please contact Heidi Winther at or Evy Grønvall from Finansforbundet at

If you have already signed up and would like to cancel or change your registration, please contact Heidi Winther at

We look forward to see you.

Warm regards,
Finansforbundet in Nordea