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WATCH THE VIDEOS: Voices in the forest and charged batteries!

"I hear voices", says president Dorrit Brandt in her video. Vice president Mette Balck Mejlby considers what a brain has in common with a battery. See the answer in the video

10. Feb 2023
2 min
English / Dansk

In the coming weeks leading up to Finansforbundet in Nordea's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 24 March, we will publish four short videos where board member dives into different themes or stories.

You can see the first two videos below:

The videos are in Danish and last about a minute each.

Dorrit Brandt: Jeg hører stemmer

Formand Dorrit Brandt opfordrer dig til at bruge din stemme, når Finansforbundet i Nordea holder generalforsamling 24. marts 2023

Mette Balck Mejlby: Giv et lille pauseskub

Næstformand Mette Balck Mejlby spørger som optakt til Finansforbundet i Nordeas generalforsamling 24. marts 2023, hvad ligheden er mellem et hjerne og et batteri

Finansforbundet in Nordea invites to its AGM on Friday 24 March 2023 at 18-21.30 with beer tasting afterwards. You have the opportunity to attend either at Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, locally with your colleagues at the work place or from home.

Read more about the possibilities at - and sign up here

When you sign up, you must also choose whether you want to join at Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers or virtually (with colleagues or from home - the specific choice here you can wait to make). 

The registration deadline is 9 March, however already 20 February if you want to stay overnight and/or want to participate in the beer tasting at Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers. Please note that seats at Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers are limited and might be sold out before deadline.

After the AGM, all participants at Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers or locally with colleagues also have the opportunity to join a beer tasting with author, lecturer and beer expert Carsten Berthelsen - also known from Natholdet's Christmas Calendar. The beer tasting will last until approx. 22.45.

If you wish to participate locally at the workplace together with colleagues, an event planner must be found. If one hasn’t been found yet, and you yourself would like to plan the local event, please find more info here. If you attend locally, please remember to sign up for the beer tasting separately to the local event planner. He/she will inform you about the sign-in deadline to the beer tasting - approx. mid-February.

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