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Benefits as a member

Finansforbundet in Nordea is the union for everyone working at Nordea Denmark. We work to improve the conditions of your working life, e.g. through negotiation of your collective agreement and local agreements.

As a member of Finansforbundet, we represent you on many occasions, and you have access to career counselling, meetings for members, courses, and legal assistance – as well as a local union representative.

A union representative close to you

Our team of approx. 150 skilled union representatives covers all areas within the bank. They offer you counselling and support, and they function as a sounding board for managers in the bank, both in everyday working life and when major changes occur.

Finansforbundet in Nordea is the only union which has union representatives in Nordea Denmark.

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Get counselling about your working life

Everyone can make good use of tips and guidance in their working life. If you have questions regarding the collective agreement or your conditions of employment, please contact Finansforbundet in Nordea at or +45 55 47 82 00.

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We create the framework for your working life

Your Standard Agreement (STOK) is negotiated between Finansforbundet and The Danish Employers' Association for the Financial Sector (FA), and it is supplemented by a Company Agreement (VOK), which Finansforbundet in Nordea has negotiated with Nordea Denmark. Additionally, we negotiate local agreements and personal agreements for you – as a member – if you, for example, have to resign from the bank.

The collective agreement gives you some basic rights that you might take for granted. It is, among other things, your right to extra holiday leave, paid maternity and paternity leave, care days, flexitime arrangements, and clarification of skills.

As a member, you take part in ensuring that the collective agreement in the financial sector remains one of the best in Denmark.

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We match the bank

Finansforbundet in Nordea matches the bank at all levels, and we are part of the transnational union, Union in Nordea, where Finansforbundet in Nordea collaborates with similar Nordea unions in Finland, Norway, Poland, and Sweden. Union in Nordea is organized with a transnational board, president, and vice president. Union in Nordea participates in the Consultative Committees in the business areas and Group Council.

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Additionally, Finansforbundet in Nordea represents you, in Denmark, in the national Works Council (samarbejdsudvalg, SU), the Special Works Council (SSU), the work environment committee (AMU), and the ongoing collaboration with People.

Influence before decisions are made

The conditions in the financial sector often influence conditions for you as an employee. As a member of Finansforbundet in Nordea, your voice is heard in areas affecting your working life.

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