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Transnational collaboration

Finansforbundet in Nordea matches the bank at all levels, and we are part of the transnational union, Union in Nordea, where Finansforbundet in Nordea collaborates with similar Nordea unions in Finland, Norway, Poland, and Sweden. Union in Nordea is organized with a transnational board, president, and vice president. Union in Nordea participates in the Consultative Committees in the business areas and Group Council.

By matching the management in Nordea at a transnational level, we ensure employee involvement and influence at all levels.

Consultative Committees

The transnational committees, Consultative Committees (CC), consists of representatives from Nordea as an employer and representatives from the union at a Nordic level.

  • Personal Banking & Business Banking
  • Large Corporations & Institutions
  • Asset & Wealth Management
  • Group Functions
  • Group Business Support
  • Technology

The primary purpose of the Consultative Committee is to receive early information about proposed changes that will affect more than one Nordic country in the near future. This gives the union representatives a chance to influence the employer's decision.

Changes that have to be put on the agenda in the Consultative Committees could e.g. be:

  • Business strategies
  • Integrational projects
  • Changes in the organisational structure
  • New technology

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