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Annual General Meeting 25 March 2022

Sign up for the Annual General Meeting 25 March - how do YOU want to participate?

For info in Danish, please click here

Finansforbundet i Nordea invites to Annual General Meeting (AGM) Friday 25 March 2022 at 18.00-21.30.

We have listened to you! After many years of physical AGM’s and two years of virtual ones, this time you decide for yourself how you want to participate:

  1. Hotel Scandic Sluseholmen in Copenhagen
  2. Locally with your colleagues at the workplace
  3. From home

The flexible format is reflected in the AGM theme: “The future for communities: Let’s start talking”.

Registration is now open. You sign up here.

When you sign up, you must also choose whether you want to participate at Scandic Sluseholmen or virtually (with colleagues or from home - the specific choice here you can wait to make). Please wait to register until you have to decided how you would like to participate – e.g. if something will be arranged locally.

The registration deadline is 10 March, but already 10 February, if you want to stay overnight at Scandic Sluseholmen.

Non-native Danish? Consider to join!

As in previous years, the AGM will be held in Danish. If you have some knowledge of Danish, we encourage you to participate - maybe you can ask a colleague to translate the overall themes. The voting ballot will be in both Danish and English.

The invitations with the opportunity to sign up will be send out within 1-2 weeks, but already now you should consider how you want to participate - and reach out to your colleagues to hear if they generally wish to attend the AGM in Copenhagen or prefer to do something locally. When you have the dialogue now locally, it will become easier to choose - and choose the same as your colleagues - when you sign up.

Here is more info about the three options:

1. Participation at Scandic Sluseholmen

If you choose to attend the AGM at Hotel Scandic Sluseholmen in Copenhagen, an easy-to-eat dinner will be served during the AGM. After the AGM, you can enjoy a cosy and social evening with your colleagues.

If you have allergies, are a vegetarian or vegan, please contact Mohammed Chanchiry from Scandic Sluseholmen directly at

You have the option of staying overnight between Friday and Saturday with breakfast on Saturday morning. The deadline to sign up with accommodation is 10 February. Please consider whether you want to stay overnight at the hotel before choosing. From 10 February, we will have to pay for the booked rooms (DKK 1,195 per room), but we would much rather use the money for member activities than for empty hotel rooms.

If you wish to share a double room with another participating member, please contact Evy Grønvall from Finansforbundet at 

You must take care of transport yourself. Finansforbundet in Nordea covers your expenses when you use the cheapest public transport. If you drive your own car, we encourage you to fill up the car with as many colleagues as possible.

Please note that the amount for ordinary members is reported as B-income (B-indkomst). If you have any questions regarding this, contact Lisbeth Møller Gladov at / tel. 55 47 45 58.

After the AGM, you’ll have to fill out this document in Word and send the document with documentation (photos of receipts) as an email to Union representatives should use zExpense instead.

Possible joint public transport: Please contact your (senior) union representative, who may order a combined ticket.

2. Participation at the workplace

You can also choose to participate at your workplace locally together with your colleagues, where you follow the AGM on a pc or on a big screen.

We pay for a welcome drink, tapas menu and drinks for up to DKK 250 per person. In addition, we will send you a party box with ingredients for creating a cosy and fun atmosphere.
Before the AGM, you will receive a link to be able to follow the AGM virtually.

Local event planner
You will have to find an event planner who is responsible for the event locally - manage registrations, receive the party box and order the food. If you yourself would like to be your local event planner, please contact your colleagues as soon as possible so they know the opportunity and you can coordinate. Also notify the board members Katja Larsen ( / mobile 20 66 84 21) or Louise Have Lund ( / mobile 51 34 93 43). We will contact you with further information and invite you to a guiding Teams meetings etc.

Here is an email text, which you can personalize and send to your colleagues (due to the GDPR we are unfortunately not allowed to inform you about which of your colleagues are members):

”Kære kolleger

Finansforbundet i Nordea holder generalforsamling fredag 25. marts 2022 kl. 18-21.30, hvor man kan deltage på Scandic Sluseholmen i København, sammen med kollegerne på arbejdspladsen eller hjemmefra. Læs mere på

Jeg vil gerne arrangere noget lokalt hos os, hvor vi kan se generalforsamlingen sammen i filial/adresse på en storskærm el.lign. Finansforbundet i Nordea betaler velkomstdrink, tapasmenu og drikkevarer til alle deltagende medlemmer, og vi får også noget pynt, så vi kan få en hyggelig aften sammen i festlige rammer.

Hvis du vil deltage, så giv mig besked – og husk at tilmelde dig til generalforsamlingen, når invitationen udsendes i 2. halvdel af januar – og vælg at du vil deltage virtuelt.

Hvis du har forslag til vores lokale arrangement, er du naturligvis også velkommen til at kontakte mig.

In English:

Dear colleagues,

Finansforbundet in Nordea invites you to attend its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday 25 March 2022 at 18-21.30. It’s possible to participate physically at Hotel Scandic Sluseholmen in Copenhagen, virtually together with colleagues at the work place or from home. More info at

The AGM is held in Danish. If you have some knowledge of Danish Finansforbundet in Nordea encourages you to participate - maybe you can ask a colleague to translate the overall themes. The voting ballot will be in both Danish and English.

I would like to arrange something locally for us, so we can watch the AGM together in our branch/address on a big screen etc. Finansforbundet in Nordea pays welcome drink, tapas menu and drinks to all participating members, and we also get some decorations so we can have a nice evening together in a festive setting.

If you want to attend, please let me know - and remember to sign up for the AGM when the invitation is sent out in the 2nd half of January - and choose that you want to attend virtually.

If you have suggestions for our local event, you are of course also welcome to contact me.

Mange hilsener / best regards,

3. Participation from home

If you prefer to participate from home, that is also an option. You will receive a link so you can follow the AGM virtually.

We pay for food and drinks for up to DKK 250 per participating member.

We hope you'll like to participate

Of course, we follow current corona guidelines.

Email address
Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email, which will be sent to the email address you have specified as preferred in Finansforbundet's membership system. You can edit it here.

Remember to reserve time for the AGM incl. any transport in your calendar!

As a prelude to the AGM, we invite you to three virtual meetings on 10 February, 10 March (in English!) and 18 March – all of them at 8.30-9.30; read more about them here.

As usual, we send out the presidency's written report incl. an English summary before the AGM on Intra, and in our member magazine.

Deadlines and elections
The deadline to run as a board member, deputy, accountant and accountant deputy is 10 February. On the board, Katja Larsen, Louise Have Lund, Louise Naur and Ole Lund Jensen are up for election, and they all run for re-election.

If you consider to run, feel free to reach out to president Dorrit Brandt or vice president Mette Balck Mejlby to get more details.

If you have proposals that you wish to be considered at the AGM, they must be sent to no later than 10 February.

You can find the audited accounts, the final agenda and all proposals incl. candidates for the Board of Directors and deputies in Danish at from no later than 25 February.

If you have questions or changes to your registration, please contact Evy Grønvall from Finansforbundet at 

You sign up here. The registration deadline is 10 March, but already 10 February, if you want to stay overnight at Scandic Sluseholmen.

We look forward to see you.

Warm regards,

Finansforbundet in Nordea

Get your colleague to join too and be rewarded

The more financial employees who are members, the stronger we stand. That’s why Finansforbundet has a recruitment campaign where you will receive a gift certificate valued at DKK 400, redeemable in 100’s of shops, whenever you help us get a new paying member. We welcome all new members with a free membership for the first three months. More info here.