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Annual General Meeting 25 March: Attend exactly as you wish

31. Jan 2022
1 min

Finansforbundet in Nordea invites to its Annual General Meeting Friday 25 March from 6 o’clock.

”You can participate exactly as you wish: Either you can physically show up at Scandic Sluseholmen in Copenhagen, you can choose to join with your colleagues at the workplace, or you can attend from your sofa or your summer house,” tells Vice President Mette Balck Mejlby in the video below.

"At the Annual General Meeting you can hear about what we have done, and we will ask you for direction", encourages President Dorrit Brandt.

Read much more about the general meeting and the opportunities to participate in

You sign up here. The registration deadline is 10 March, but already 10 February, if you want to stay overnight at Scandic Sluseholmen.

Kom til Finansforbundet i Nordeas generalforsamling 25. marts 2022

Watch the video, which is in Danish and lasts a bit less than a minute and a half.

In touch with more than 2000 Nordea colleagues
The Annual General Meeting is still Finansforbundet in Nordea's largest annual members’ meeting, but the board also meets members and others in many other contexts.

“We have strived to have a dialogue with as many people as possible - both physically and virtually. We have had webinars, we have been physically around the country for members’ meetings, and we have held our housewarming. All in all, we have been in contact with over 2000 Nordea colleagues,” Mette Balck Mejlby says.

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