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Mental health and well-being

How do we protect our mental health and well-being when our work life is under constant change? And what learnings and initiatives should we make use of to ensure both fellowship and flexibility? Learn and be inspired here.

Findings of the new well-being survey for 2024

One in five

finance employees are under stress all the time/often.


A four percentage point reduction in stressed individuals since measuring well-being in the finance sector in 2022

9th place

Out of 36 industries, the financial sector is no. 9 on the list of most stressed industries


Well-being is
improving, but the situation of every fifth employee is deeply unsustainable

First, the good news: Well-being is actually improving in the sector. The bad news is, however, that one in five is under stress to the point where it poses a health risk.

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Relieving stress requires candour and dialogue

You are not “overcome” by stress. Just as you are not “overcome” by a broken arm.

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Stories from everyday life

Go to an interview about your work-life

Do you have any work-related challenges with your well-being that you would like to talk about? If you prefer an impartial person outside of your own company, you can book a free interview with a consultant Finansforbundet.

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Inspiration for a good work-life

Perspectives on the subject

Trine Kolding: Drop multitasking,
practice doing one thing at a time

Everyday interruptions can be tackled with a few simple tricks, says Trine Kolding, expert in efficiency and planning.

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Mental health and well-being

Everyone has the right to thrive in their job How do we foster well-being when our work life is constantly changing? And what learning and initiatives should we employ to safeguard community and flexibility alike?

Get knowledge and inspiration here.