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Get career coaching during your studies

We help you succeed in your student life and all the way to getting your first full-time job. Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the financial sector and know your options - book a free discussion today.

Whether you need help discussing your early career, your competencies, your job satisfaction, or other subjects that affect your academic or work life, you can get impartial, individual sparring from Finansforbundet’s consultants. We can talk by phone, on Teams, or face-to-face, depending on your preference.

You choose what we talk about, such as:

  • What you can do to find a relevant student job
  • How you can best prepare for the transition from student life to full-time work
  • Help with defining your skills
  • The various career paths in the financial sector
  • The type of companies that exist in the financial sector
  • Developments in the financial sector
  • Insight into continuing education
  • Help writing job applications and going to job interviews
  • Feedback on your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Help with dissatisfaction or stress in your studies
  • Opportunities for finding a job abroad
  • Information about the salary levels in the financial sector

Log in to “Mit forbund” and book a talk with us: