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The members’ well-being

Help in critical situations, support for better well-being and acting responsive to young generations’ wishes and needs. Finansforbundet in Nordea is ready to advise and support the members, no matter where they are in their work life. At the same time, meeting newly engaged colleagues and telling them what the union has to offer, has become harder

3. Apr 2024
6 min
English / Dansk

One of the foremost duties to a union is to step in when the members need help regarding their conditions of employment. Luckily, much is done locally where the union representative listens and provides help, finding a fair solution on the challenge the member is facing. 

But from time to time, more is needed. This is where Finansforbundet in Nordea’s (FiN) three legal advisers step in with their experience, professionality and expertise. 

Finansforbundet i Nordeas three legal advisors - from left to right: Charlotte Hansen, Nimra Fakhri and board member Louise Naur

”They provide help to quite many of our members. No matter whether it is on well-being, illness, questions on the collective agreement, pensions, maternity/paternity leave or other, they are ready and enter the negotiations with Nordea, aiming for a good solution. Very often that is the result – and I know that Nordea shows respect to the legal advisers, always listening to their arguments. This is something we can all be very proud of,” says vice president in Finansforbundet in Nordea, Mette Balck Mejlby.

Developing the members and the work place

Regularly, Nordea is hosting webinars and physical events – so-called Internal Talks – on relevant topics.

”It is a really good way to put focus on special issues – and we are happy that we as well have been able to contribute to some of them, i.e. the one about PLD and competence development, conducted in December. We ourselves run online meetings regularly for members and union representatives on special topics,” says president Kasper Skovgaard Pedersen, supporting the strategic initiatives from Nordea. 

Finansforbundet in Nordea's new presidency, Kasper Skovgaard Pedersen and Mette Balck Mejlby

”For example, that goes for the diversity and inclusion agenda where we have a seat in D&I Council and provide backup to work in the ERG Groups (Employee Resource Groups, ed.)” 

’Trivselsenheden’ (Well-being unit) in Finansforbundet, established after the collective agreement negotiations in 2020, has over time visited Nordea several times.

”They are really good at facilitating talks in teams and leadership groups on what is present – no matter of that being a concrete challenge or that management has agreed with the union representative to discuss an issue,” says Mette. She finds it beneficial that Trivselsenheden is financed by both employers and the union.

”In some areas it is a bit easier when the visit comes from a neutral part – and not the union,” she says, having only heard good news about the sessions conducted. 

Five generations at the work place

Given the higher retirement age that the Danish population needs getting used to, we can end up being five generations at the work place simultaneously – even though some seniors chose to retire before reaching the official pensionable age. 

”And here’s something to learn; there is undoubtedly some differences in what each of us prioritise on the job,” says Kasper. 

”Different generations have different wishes and needs. Without generalising, there is a tendency when it comes to Generation Z putting their feet down earlier than those in their midlife use to do when it comes to work life conditions. We need to put attention on what they say and wish for – and listen to them. After all, that is only a fair thing to do – we all want to be listened to. The difference is though, that some of the Z’s will look for a new job if we don’t listen – whereas the rest of us tend to grumble around while staying. In FiN, we are very much engaged in getting to know our young colleagues – they are the future, and we need to listen to their wishes. Both when it comes to the work place and the union, we would like them to join. This is why we, as well as the central Finansforbundet have a lot of initiatives going on,” says Kasper.

The canaries of our time

Many have heard about the canary birds, back in the old days used in the coal mines as warning alarms if the air in the mine was toxic. When the birds reacted it was time for the mine workers to hurry up from the mine. 

”Now and then I wonder whether the young ones are the canaries of our time – are they better at signalling if something is wrong in the way we live our lives?,” Kasper ponders. 

The diverse community – we have room for everyone

We would be really happy having everyone in our community – thus we make a big effort to recruit all newly engaged employees in Nordea to become our members. 

”That doesn’t come easy. Earlier, we had a short session in a physical Nordea Day – an introductory day for new employees. Here we could have the initiating chat with the new colleagues during their lunch break. Now, Nordea Day is replaced by ‘Welcome to my employment’ – an voluntary online meeting for newly appointed employees. Here, we are granted a few minutes to present ourselves – offering that the employees can have a phone call to learn more on what Finansforbundet can provide,” Kasper says. 

He adds that the board in addition provides different events, talks, handing out sweets etc. in the headquarters, having lots of chats with colleagues. 

Christmas event at Metro. From left to right: Louise Naur, Natascha Bødker Feodor Nielsen, Mona Svan and Mette Balck Mejlby

Even though the majority ARE already members, there’s almost every time individuals wanting to hear more about Finansforbundet. 

”That part is best done by talented people in the central Finansforbundet. They are super good at tracking down what is important to the individual and can unfold the benefits of being a member. The success rate is high,” he adds. 

Clement Kjærsgaard at the event 'The next 25 years of world history' at Hermes Hus

Would like to pay visits to more places

The high activity in Metro and Hermes Hus does not mean that Finansforbundet isn’t present in the rest of the country. 

”We have visited a couple of the big Nordea buildings around in Denmark – and would very much like to come out even more to meet the members locally,” says Kasper, encouraging to call or send an email to the bord if there is a wish for a meeting.

”Nordea’s staff of employees is diverse – and it is important to us that our group of members is that as well. Young, senior, trained as banker, academic, Danish, international – we have room for everyone,” Mette concludes. 

Part 3 of 3

Prior to the Annual General Meeting on 19 April you can read three articles, providing you with an idea of what has happened since we met in the 2023 version, virtually and at Crowne Plaza. Read part 1 – ‘Dialogue and cooperation – with or without being edgy’ and part 2 ‘Involvement, influence and transparency’ here. This is the last one in the row.

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