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"Clement saved my day"

More than 50 colleagues heard TV host, writer and lecturer Clement Kjærsgaard talk about 'The next 25 years of world history' at a morning meeting in Hermes Hus. Previously, Finansforbundet in Nordea also has held a similar event in Metro. We have spoken to Darko Haramija and Mads Steen Larsen about what they think of the event

13. Dec 2023
3 min
English / Dansk

“It's the coolest thing I've experienced in a very, very long time. The day had started badly, but I ended up  really high after the event - it simply saved my day. The event lasted an hour, but even if he had continued for eight hours, I am convinced that it would still have been exciting.”

Clement Kjærsgaard at the event 'The next 25 years of world history' at Hermes Hus

Darko Haramija, Senior AML & Sanctions Processing Specialist, signed up for the event 'The next 25 years of world history' with Clement Kjærsgaard, because he knew him from TV and wanted to experience him in real life.

"He seems somewhat arrogant on TV, where he is constantly cutting off people, but my impression of him changed completely. He was humorous, very knowledgeable and good at connecting politics with the financial world in which we work.”

50 meters to the desk

It is the first time that Darko Haramija joins one of the Finansforbundet in Nordea events.

"It was really convenient that it took place in Hermes Hus. I only had to walk 50 meters afterwards to reach my desk. It was decisive for me to sign up," he says, adding that he definitely is willing in joining events another time.

"For example, I have heard that it is very popular to participate in the annual general meeting, so maybe I should give it a try."

Darko Haramija has been a member of Finansforbundet since he joined Nordea in 2016.

To me it feels important always being a member of a union if something is to happen. Membership provides security and safety, and it strengthens the community with colleagues.”

Darko Haramija was among the lucky winners of the book ’Verdens magter’ ('Powers of the World'), edited by Clement Kjersgaard in a lottery among the participants.
Inspired by the event with Clement Kjærsgaard Mads Steen Larsen has already signed up for the next one.

Everyone was focused and wanted to hear more

Mads Steen Larsen, Account Manager at Vendor High Tech DK, also participated in 'The next 25 years of world history'.

"I don't really know what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised by the large turnout and how good the setting was. Clement was really interesting to listen to – he had a great helicopter perspective and spoke in an entertaining way.”

Mads Steen Larsen has recently completed his studies and is used to listening to lectures.

"It's rare that everyone sits so concentrated, listening and just wanting to hear more."

Back when Mads joined Finansforbundet he did so due to it being free for students and because he would like to join some of the union's events. The event with Clement Kjærsgaard is the first he has participated in.

Already signed up for the next event

"I became aware of the event when Finansforbundet in Nordea's board advertised it in the canteen. The timing of the event in the morning suited me well, and it is very practical that the meeting took place at Hermes Hus, where I work, giving me the chance to bump into current and former colleagues.”

The morning event gave Mads a taste for more.

"It made me check up on which events Finansforbundet is holding, and I have already signed up for the next one."

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