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Become your colleagues’ spokesperson and a sparring partner for the management

In Nordea, approximately 120 employees have a very special role. They are union representatives, elected by the members to be their mouthpiece. Now, you can become one of them

1. Dec 2023
4 min
Af Jesper Kiby Denborg
  • Mona Svan
English / Dansk

Do you want influence, to be part of a strong community and to develop professionally and personally?

If yes, you should consider whether the role as a union representative is something for you. Right now, union representatives are to be elected for the next two years.

The glue keeping the team members together

As a union representative, you are often the glue keeping the team members together, as a mouthpiece for your colleagues and a sparring partner for the local management. But don't worry: As a new union representative, you don't have to fulfill the role 100% from day one; there is both time and opportunities to develop in the role.

You will be part of a close and good network and a community with great diversity from all parts of Nordea. On top of that you will get a sound education, which opens doors and looks good on the CV.

'Someone has to do something' - is that 'someone' you?

Finansforbundet in Nordea’s president, Kasper Skovgaard Pedersen, was a union representative himself before he was elected to the board.

"On my very first working day at Nordea, everyone except one said: 'Welcome. We are always busy'. Shortly after, we had a round of layoffs. No one challenged the decision, even though we already had difficulty in finding time for our tasks. There was an atmosphere of 'someone has to do something', and it dawned on me that that 'someone' could be me. The local manager wanted to have a union representative – there was no one at that moment - that's why I ran and got elected", says Kasper Skovgaard Pedersen.

Finansforbundet in Nordea's ad interim president Kasper Skovgaard Pedersen started as union representative in 2011

Kasper quickly found out that he made a difference as a union representative, and that both colleagues and management appreciated when he contributed with support and counterplay to decisions. After that, things went quickly. Two years later – in 2013, he was elected to Finansforbundet on Nordea's board, and a few months ago he became the new ad interim president.

Election before the end of the year

Union representatives for the next two years must be elected before the end of the year. The elections will be initiated soon after the local structural agreements are in place. Keep an eye out for candidates in your area - and register as a candidate if you want an exciting and developing role.

Maybe you have a colleague who, you think, would be a good fit as a union representative. Then please notify her/him about this article.

Nordea as well as Finansforbundet in Nordea are interested in having union representatives in all areas – including those who currently do not have a union representative.

Union, senior union and work environment representatives at the annual seminar in November 2023. In the front from the left President Kasper Skovgaard Pedersen, Vice President Mette Balck Mejlby, Helene Bløcher, Head of Business Banking Danmark, and Camilla Beckmann, former Head of People in Danmark og newly appointed Head of Nordea 24/7 Denmark

Does it appeal to you?

Are you considering whether becoming a union representative is something for you? Please find more information here:

You are also welcome to contact Finansforbundet in Nordea on telephone 55 47 82 00 if you have any questions or want to know about how to become a union representative.

Union representatives help us keep a finger on the pulse

Sanne Fredenslund, Head of Private Banking DK, uses her network of union representatives very much in her work. There are regular meetings, and in addition they sometimes invite her to come and give presentations and listen to them.

“The union representatives help me and my colleagues in the management team to keep a finger on the pulse. For instance in the case of a People Pulse survey where we need to know more about what lies behind the result. I regularly reach out to our union representatives for input on how to implement processes and initiatives in the best possible way. The union representatives are also good at reaching out to me if they need help with something tricky.” 

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