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Use your union representative

Our team of approx. 150 skilled union representatives and work environment representatives cover all areas within the bank. They offer you counselling and support, and they function as a sounding board for managers in the bank, both in everyday working life and when major changes occur.

Finansforbundet in Nordea is the only union which has union representatives in Nordea Denmark.

The union representatives are an important link  to the workplace, because they have contact both to the management and to the employees. You can use your union representative in difficult times e.g. if you receive a warning or are laid off. But you can also contact the union representative if you wish to discuss any situation from your working life.

Your union representative has professional secrecy, which means you don’t have to fear that confidential information is leaked. Besides, the union representative has been through Finansforbundet’s education for union representatives and has a good knowledge of the collective agreement. Because of this, the union representative is ready to help you in many situations.

In many cases it can be an advantage to solve conflicts at the workplace in collaboration with the union representative, because he or she is a neutral individual who you often know well.

You can find your local union representative in this overview (require access to Nordea's Intranet).

If you don’t have any union representative in your department, or you aren’t sure of who it is, then please contact Finansforbundet in Nordea at or +45 55 47 82 00.

If there isn’t any union representative in your area, and you are interested in becoming one, then contact either the senior union representative or Finansforbundet in Nordea for more information. The current union representatives are elected until 31 December 2023.