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Attractive Annual General Meeting: Participate locally with your colleagues or from home

Participation from the hotel is already fully booked

15. Feb 2023
2 min
English / Dansk

A little more than 4 weeks after opening up to registrations, 740 members have signed up for the Annual General Meeting (AGM). By comparison, the number last year at the same time was just 350.

The great success also means that all seats at Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers are sold out. Actually, the interest has been so big so we have raised the limit from the original 250 seats to now 300 but even the extra seats have been booked now. It is now only possible to sign up for partaking virtually; you can choose to see the AGM locally with your colleagues at the workplace or from your own living room.

Looking forward to meeting the members

"The AGM is the biggest members' meeting of the year. We are very happy about the great interest in participating in the AGM and had with the experiences from last year not expected that the interest would be THIS big. We on the board are very much looking forward to meeting the members and having a good evening together - physical or virtual," says Dorrit Brandt, president of Finansforbundet in Nordea.

2022 was the first year where the members themselves could choose the way they prefer to partake, and the free choice has been popular.

Participate locally at your workplace with your colleagues

Last year, more than 50 per cent chose to save the trip to Copenhagen and instead followed the AGM virtually. Some logged on from home, while others watched it locally with their colleagues at the workplace. 

If you wish to participate locally at the workplace together with colleagues, an event planner must be found. If one hasn’t been found yet, and you yourself would like to plan the local event, please find more info here. The sign up for beer tasting locally is now closed in most locations - the local event planner must notify us by 20 February (as mentioned in the link) and the local deadline has been set by the event planner.


The registration deadline is 9 March. As mentioned, it is now only possible to sign up for virtual participation – this choice is the same no matter if you partake locally with your colleagues or from home. 

Read more about the AGM here

Sign up for the AGM here

If you have already signed up and would like to cancel or change your registration, please contact Heidi Winther at

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