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Maximise your benefits from your Review & Renew

Finansforbundet i Danske Bank has compiled some specific tips for how to make your Review & Renew more valuable to you and to generate positive changes in your daily life.

Have you asked for feedback from colleagues and business associates at your workplace before your Review & Renew? Do you know the best way to develop your skill sets?

If your answer to either of these questions is no, we hope you will keep reading. Because the fact is that you are important and your development is important – for you, your well-being, your customers and Danske Bank.

The four specific proposals below explain how to use a Review & Renew to improve your working day:

1. Discover what motivates you

What aspects of your daily work are satisfying to you? What are you doing when you completely lose track of time and suddenly discover that work is over? How can you end up doing more of this? And what would you rather do less of to have more time to do it? Make a list of what energises you and what drains you of energy when you are at work. Talk this over with your supervisor and draw up a plan together for how you can do more of what motivates you.

2. Articulate your concerns

Do you feel uncertain about your job? Do you feel you lack training in new tasks; do you have too much or too little to do; and do you like going to work? Perhaps you fear that your skill-sets will become redundant someday? If your head is filled with such thoughts, have a Review & Renew with your supervisor where you explain what you are unsure of and what would make you feel more secure in your job. For example, both of you can work out a joint plan for your development so that you retain a good market value.

3. Coordinate your expectations of each other

If you would like know what is specifically expected of you in your work, and if you experience that your work lacks a general aim or purpose, then these are good reasons to have a Review & Renew with your supervisor where you explain that you want to know what is specifically expected of you and your duties. At the same time you can tell your supervisor what you expect of him/her as a supervisor so that you and your colleagues will like going to work.

4. Strike a balance between challenging and exhausting

Are your job duties sufficiently challenging for you? Or are they too challenging? Do you feel that you must make a reasonable effort to be good at what you do, or do you feel that you are always struggling to keep up? No matter if you have too few or too many challenges, it is important for you to take active steps to find a level that suits you. At your Review & Renew talks with your supervisor you can talks about what motivates you and how the two of you can balance your duties so that you thrive at work without breaking your neck. Who knows? Perhaps your supervisor can find a different area of work for you that is better than what you are doing right now?

If you cannot find a pathway to a better working life on your own, it is still all right to engage in Review and Renew, because your supervisor is also responsible for coaching you going forward. Just remember, however, to give your supervisor a chance to improve things for you, if this is the type of conversation you are looking for.