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Digital conversion

The increasing digitalisation and automation in the financial sector calls for new ways of working and organising. The development means that old work functions are disappearing as new ones emerge. Finansforbundet can help you with this so that you both maintain competitiveness and retain employees.

  • Example of digital conversion

  • The situation

    You want to provide the employees with insight into digital trends

    The situation

    You want to provide the employees with insight into digital trends

    You are facing some changes towards increased digitalisation and automation. It will affect your employees, and you want them to quickly take ownership of the change.
    On behalf of your company, your HR department or your union representative contacts us.

  • Initial meeting

    We hold a meeting with the management

    Initial meeting

    We hold a meeting with the management

    You put your situation, plans, challenges and goals into words. Through clarifying questions, Finansforbundet gets a detailed picture of your intentions and current situation in relation to the theme - as seen through your eyes.

  • Expanded meeting

    We involve relevant employees and union representatives

    Expanded meeting

    We involve relevant employees and union representatives

    At the meeting with relevant employees and union representatives, we highlight what form of presentation/process will make the most sense for the employee group. The focus will partly be on how to best stir their curiosity and interest.

  • Kick off

    Seminar for the whole company

    Kick off

    Seminar for the whole company

    On the seminar day, we unveil the agenda: Digital trends and how they affect your company and your jobs, roles, tasks and skills.

We have embarked on a new era. With it comes increased automation, digitalisation and use of artificial intelligence, which will change the work functions of many employees, especially the financial sector. It requires timely restructuring and rethinking of the sector’s companies.

In the future, this will not just be about automation of repetitive manual work processes as seen so far. A wide range of tasks will increasingly be solved by artificial intelligence. For example, some more cognitively advanced advising tasks could also be automated.

We offer

  • knowledge of the latest developments in automation, digitisation and artificial intelligence
  • inspiration for new job functions and career paths that match developments in the financial sector
  • coaching in connection with strategic choices and development of digital business models
  • inspiration for the new business opportunities that the financial labour market of the future creates
  • identification of the skills development that a digital conversion will entail

The tailor the collaboration on digital conversion specifically to your company to match your current situation, needs and goals.

For example, we can help when

  • You want help facilitating an initial dialogue in your management team with a focus on mapping the company’s digital potential
  • You are looking for coaching on how to concretise, initiate and prepare a plan for the implementation of a digital conversion
  • You will map out the specific work tasks and processes you expect to automate and digitise
  • You want get inspiration as to how to increase the digital mindset in the company and make digital trends and concepts more down-to-earth and relevant for individual employees

About Finansforbundet’s partnerships

In a partnership, we design initiatives and processes targeted to your company’s needs in collaboration with the individual company. Along the way, we have the role of a sparring partner who is available with resources, knowledge and skills.

Each initiative is done in close dialogue and cooperation with the company’s management and professional representatives. We also involve external partners and consultancy firms when it makes sense.

We offer partnerships in connection with the implementation of various types of organisational changes. For example

  • Job satisfaction
  • Skills development
  • Digital conversion

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