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The financial sector wasn't really for me after all

Nicklas left the financial sector: Now he has opened a burger restaurant
His childhood dream was to become a rich bank manager, and Nicklas Lorente followed it all the way to a degree in financial management. But he only completed an internship in the sector before moving on; now he is a self-employed restaurateur with Galakse Burger

29. Apr 2024
3 min
English / Dansk

In the fourth year, he announced his plans. He wanted to be a bank manager in Canada.

"I don't remember why it had to be in Canada, but I wanted to be a bank manager because I wanted to make a lot of money," says the now 30-year-old Nicklas Lorente.

Although the dream of Canada faded, he held on to the idea of a career in finance and studied financial management.

"I've always been good with numbers and wanted to be an investment adviser. I got an internship at Nykredit, and it’s not that they weren’t nice; I just realised that the financial sector probably wasn't really for me after all."

Because Nicklas Lorente discovered that the road to the coveted job as an investment adviser or some other position similar to what he wanted was very long.
"A lot of the time, I was bored. I'm probably not suited for sitting in front of a computer that long."

Self-employed day trader

He therefore embarked on a life as an independent day trader:

"I vacuumed Youtube to learn how to approach it, and it actually went quite well. The profit was enough to make a deposit on a flat in Brønshøj," he explains as we sit at one of the tables outside his burger restaurant, Galakse Burger, at the Frederiksberg Allé metro station in Frederiksberg.

(Artiklen fortsætter efter boksen)
Being self-employed makes for a better working life, claims Nicklas Lorente.
"It's no longer so important for me to earn a lot. It's more important to have a life outside of work too."
- Nicklas Lorente, financial manager and self-employed.

After having been a trainee at the real estate agent Home with the goal of becoming a real estate agent, he was under so much pressure that he started to suffer from stress. He returned to work, but had another unpleasant experience in his next job and decided that his working life had to change; he wanted to go all-in on being self-employed.

"Food trends interest me, and I came across a mention of Korean UFO burgers online. And so, while hanging out at Nørrebro and watching people pass in and out of the kebab shops in a steady stream, I realised that fast food could generate a great profit."

A unique burger 

He worked his way to his signature burger in his kitchen at home and tried more than twenty different ones before being satisfied. On the outside, his burgers differ from others by being ‘sealed’ and pressed together in a machine, so you don't have to struggle to keep the filling in place while eating.

Since February, he has been selling his burgers from 12-9pm every day and done everything himself, but recently he hired his brother-in-law to help him out once in a while.

"I totally underestimated how demanding it is to handle everything myself. It's exhausting, but not stressful. The feeling is completely different when I'm the one in charge. Plus I get the lot when I make money, unlike when I work for someone else."

However, making a lot of money isn't as important to him anymore:

"It's no longer so important for me to earn a lot. It's more important to have a life outside of work too."

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