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This is on the agenda of Finansforbundet for the next three years

It has now been decided what Finansforbundet will focus on over the next three years.

23. Oct 2023
2 min
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"An inclusive labour market in a changing society", "A meaningful working life in a digital reality", "Good workplaces in a responsible and value-creating sector" and "Community with room for diversity and renewal".

These are the areas that Finansforbundet will be working on over the next three years.

This became clear when, at the National Congress in Nyborg in September, the 188 delegates adopted Finansforbundet's politically prioritised focus areas for 2023-2026.

"We are obligated to leave our mark on the agendas that affect the lives of our members. The important things are a balanced working life, sustainability, the climate, digitalisation and the sector's responsibility and regulation".

(Artiklen fortsætter efter boksen)

Until the next National Congress, Finansforbundet will, among other things: 

  • work to ensure that employees focus on and have time and energy for competence development and requalification in a labour market undergoing rapid digital transformation
  • work for decent conditions for atypical employees, including develop models to ensure training, pension and maternity/paternity leave, etc.
  • work for a mentally and physically sustainable working life supported by strong physical and digital working communities across borders and workplaces
  • work to ensure that employee data and digital behaviour are recorded transparently and ethically in dialogue with the industrial system, which must also be involved in decisions about digital development processes
  • work to ensure that the financial area contributes positively to the development of a green, fair and
    sustainable economy
  • work to ensure that our members are still offered favourable framework conditions and rights in a more internationalised and digital reality
  • strengthen and develop the framework for our union representatives and delegates to succeed in the roles as our most member-oriented representatives and ambassadors of our community – regardless of nationality, education or other background
  • continue to develop our understanding of different needs and preferences as well as life stages of our members and focus on targeting our offers in order to develop relevant communities

National Congress

The National Congress is the supreme authority of Finansforbundet.

The National Congress decides the focus areas and policies to be worked with over the next three years.

The National Congress is held every three years, with the participants electing the presidency for a three-year period.

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