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We will be a team

Today, at the National Congress, Finansforbundet’s new presidency was elected. The new team promised the delegates and members to be dedicated and put in a tireless effort.

28. Sep 2023
4 min
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Foto: Claus Bech

The hall was suddenly a riot of colours from bright hats when Dorrit Brandt was elected new president of Finansforbundet today.

It was the delegates from Finansforbundet in Nordea who celebrated the new position of their former local branch president with hats and cheers.

Dorrit Brandt smiled through tears and repaid the gesture by forming a heart with her hands towards the audience, who was giving her a standing ovation.

Deeply moved, the new president declared that this was one of those moments on which she would sprinkle glitter and then put on the mantelpiece as recommended by the author Hella Joof in her book “Papmaché-reglen” (the papier mâché rule).

From polite and self-effacing to president

Dorrit Brandt promised that she will take good care of what "We have created together" and said that she has spent the past ten years figuring out what kind of leader she wants to be.

(Artiklen fortsætter efter boksen)

"I was the nice, quiet girl, somewhat silenced by my upbringing to be polite and selfless. Inside, I had lots of words, but they didn’t really come out until I needed to express my opinion to a boss or two."

Incidentally, the president learnt to speak her mind at a course offered by Finansforbundet:
"And I’ve not kept quiet since."

She explained that she is primarily interested in strategic work:

"But I also understand when diplomacy fails and the fight begins. It's just not the first step I take."
The president moreover said that she believes that "talent wins matches, teams win championships."

She promised the delegates and members that the presidency will constitute a team, which will work on linking the central and the local elements of Finansforbundet.

The retiring president, Kent Petersen, congratulated his successor:

"Dear Dorrit – I have no doubt that you have what it takes to fill the role. You have been a great branch president and a strong voice, who has not missed an opportunity to point it out if I’ve not done what you would have preferred. You have good, strong values and are a decent person. Take good care of Finansforbundet."

"I also understand when diplomacy fails and the fight begins. It's just not the first step I take."
- Dorrit Brandt, President of Finansforbundet

Democrat to the bone

New to the vice presidency is Jakob Thorgaard, who appeared freshly shaved after countless jokes about his growing beard during the National Congress. He opened by saying that he is a fan of the band TV-2 and would choose their song “Kys det nu, det satans liv” (Kiss the damned life) for the moment when he was elected.

"I’m the son of a pastor; as you know, they are some of the worst, but it means that morality and right and wrong have always been important to me. Am I, then, an angel? No, my mentor Kent has ruined that. He told me that a polite and modest manner is not an option, and he’s also been encouraging me at this National Congress: 'Now, go in there and make your mark.'"

Jakob Thorgaard also told the audience that his father committed suicide during Jakob’s first year of upper secondary school.

"I'm not afraid to share personal experiences, and they matter in terms of who I am. I show great enterprise, have two university degrees, and I want to make a difference. The only certain thing in life is that it will end in death."

Today, a new presidency takes over at Finansforbundet. Photo: Claus Bech

He also declared himself a democrat to the bone – that he will fight for his views, but afterwards work in accordance with what has been agreed:

"I work 100 per cent according to the letter of what we have adopted. Thank you for your trust and thank you for our amazing Finansforbund."

I'll stay a little longer

The second Vice President, Steen Lund Olsen, was re-elected.

"Let me paraphrase an old advertising slogan: I'll stay a little longer," he said, promising that he will continue the work he is currently doing.

The work includes inclusive workplaces, equal pay, senior staff policy and digital competences.
"We need to be curious about the future and tread new paths. I’m ready to work for you, our members and Danish society. I'm ready when you call me. See you."

(Artiklen fortsætter efter boksen)

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