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A wedding at the bank: Bank manager married at the branch

A local Sydbank branch set the scene when Christina Kamp, Head of Business Banking, said yes to her husband. Both colleagues and the Sydbank mascot, Rasmus Klump, had come to watch the wedding.

13. Feb 2023
3 min
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1360X800 Bryllup I Banken
Foto: Mie Neel, Sjællandske medier

After thirteen years as a couple, Christina and Christian Kamp finally said “I do” last Saturday. But it was neither the church nor the city hall that set the scene for the romantic event. The couple was married at the Sydbank branch in Ringsted.

Some years back, Christina Kamp played a role when the branch in Ringsted opened, and she was also branch manager for several years. Today, she is Head of Business Banking for Sydbank’s customers on Zealand.

“I have a special association with the branch. My husband has always joked that he wouldn’t propose to me because he always felt I was married to the bank,” says Christina Kamp on a line from Tenerife, the destination of their honeymoon.

“My husband has always joked that he wouldn’t propose to me because he always felt I was married to the bank”.
- Christina Kamp, Head of Business Banking, Sydbank, Zealand and Lolland-Falster

Said “I do” after a quality test

But when Christian Kamp got down on one knee, after twelve and a half years as a couple, the wedding venue was clear.

Christian Kamp was very keen on the idea of saying yes to his beloved in Sydbank settings, despite him being employed with BEC Financial Technologies.

“Although it is a little competitive, he was very keen on the idea,” says a laughing Christina Kamp and continues:

“We like teasing each other a little bit. So, at the ceremony, I started by saying ‘I might’ instead of ‘I do’. In fact, I had hired an illusionist to do a quality test of Christian,” she says and explains that her beloved always teases her about her impulse buying.

“That’s why I didn't want to say yes to him before knowing the quality was okay. He did seem a little surprised but also thought it was funny,” says the newly wed Head of Business Banking.

A wedding watched by mascot Rasmus Klump and colleagues

The wedding ceremony was performed by Andreas Karlsen, 2nd deputy mayor of Ringsted Municipality. He worked at Sydbank’s department in Næstved up until the last general election.

Many of Christina Kamp’s colleagues and Sydbank’s mascot, Rasmus Klump, swung by the bank to celebrate the occasion.

“The person inside Rasmus Klump is a former colleague who has now retired, and he is very much pro Sydbank,” she says.

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