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The financial sector has an integration protocol ready for the Ukraine situation

The invasion of Ukraine has given rise to an influx of refugees, which also affects Denmark. The financial sector also has a duty to help solve the problem, and it is already reasonably equipped for this through the protocol on integration of employees with different ethnic backgrounds in the standard collective agreement.

4. May 2022
2 min
English / Dansk

‘We are in the middle of a terrible humanitarian crisis following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and fortunately there are also many sensible, constructive and necessary measures happening in both the sector and in our society as a whole. For example, many financial companies offer the opportunity for employees to take extra time off for charitable work. The situation occupies our thoughts for most of us, and it’s important that we move together and do what we can’, says Kent Petersen, President of Finansforbundet.

As you know, the war has led to a massive influx of refugees from Ukraine. The first ones have also come to Denmark, and more are expected to follow suit.

‘There is of course a very concrete challenge regarding the Ukrainian refugees who come to Denmark. Here as a sector – and as part of the parties to the labour market – we must also be able to deliver solutions that are flexible so that we help remedy the situation in the areas we can. We already have a sensible protocol that allows refugees to be hired on slightly different terms for a temporary period’, says Kent Petersen.

For example, the financial sector has previously entered an agreement on refugees being able to be hired on terms that deviate from the collective agreement if they do not have the necessary qualifications for being hired through the general collective agreement.

This is only for a limited period, though it can be extended. It is important that the trade union representative is involved in both the establishment and possible extension of employment on terms that deviate from the collective agreement, as employees with sufficient qualifications must obviously be hired under the terms of the general collective agreement. The protocol is reproduced in the Standard Collective Agreement on page 115.

Standard Collective Agreement


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