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New employment contract? Get a legal assessment of salary and conditions.

Your employment contract is important. Our legal advisers can offer to review your new contract within 24 hours and advise you on matters to pay attention to and the terms you may negotiate.

It is worth giving your employment contract a thorough review as it is key to your terms of employment, including the conditions under which you will be working and the salary being agreed.

The minute you receive your employment contract, the best thing you can do is to have our legal advisers go through the contract before you sign it. This applies whether you will be employed under an individual contract or under a collective agreement with Finansforbundet.

Send your employment contract to, and we will review it within 24 hours.

Have your employment contract reviewed within 24 hours. Send it to

Advice on negotiation, salary and contract

Our legal advisers have comprehensive knowledge about the financial sector, the collective agreement and its terms. They can therefore counsel you on what matters to pay attention to in the employment process and the terms you can negotiate yourself before signing the new contract. These may include salary, special benefits or notice periods.

Call +45 3266 1330 for advice in connection with job changes or a new job.



Employ­ment contract

Know what is in your employment contract – and always have our legal advisers review your contract before you sign it.

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