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Secure safety net and a developing sparring partner

Development of professional competences, clearer career direction and the certainty of support. Without hesitation, Group Risk Learning Coordinator Lene Mønster encourages new colleagues to join Finansforbundet 

3. Jan 2024
3 min
English / Dansk

From the country side to the big city. From a branch to the head office. From trainee to Group Risk Learning Coordinator. And from Denmark to Frankfurt and Australia and back again. Since Lene Mønster started at Andelsbanken in Esbjerg and Vester Nebel in 1989, her career has offered many changes. But one thing has been constant: She has been a member of Finansforbundet since day one.

"There is no doubt in my mind that I have gained big benefits of my membership. From new professional competences, clearer career direction and the certainty of support if something were to happen in my employment," says Lene Mønster, who therefore without hesitation encourages new colleagues to become members.

A little extra safety

For a number of years from the mid-00s, Lene worked in Nordea's HR/People department. It was relatively new at the time that Nordea also recruited English speaking employees, and Lene, who had just lived in Australia for three years, was one of those who could hold recruitment interviews in English. Later - in 2017-19 - she helped build the job mobility team in HR/People.

Lene Mønster

“That team was established to support employees who had lost their jobs. Of course, it also made me consider my own situation if something were to happen to my employment, but it gave me a little extra safety to know that I had the union behind me."

Gives a different balance

Only once in her long career at Nordea she herself has experienced job loss in connection with an organizational change.

"It was safe and good to have a union representative with me, not leaving me alone in the meeting. It gives a different balance to have someone with you who can also hear everything that is said when you yourself go into a bit of a shock. At the same time, the union representative has experience from other processes and can help to challenge the conditions you are offered and tell whether the outcome is fair," says Lene Mønster.

In connection with the job loss, Lene was offered new exciting opportunities in another team.

Sparring about the next step

During her employment, Lene Mønster has used Finansforbundet’s advisers to get help setting a direction for her career.

"It has been good to have someone to spar with about what my next step should be. Of course, I have also spoken to my leader about this, but Finansforbundet’s career advisers have been able to provide some other input. They have given me feedback on my CV, and we have had a good chat about career opportunities and educational direction. It actually laid the foundation for the role I have today, where I coordinate training from Group Risk – a role I am extremely happy for.”

Curious to learn new things

Over time, Lene Mønster has taken many courses through Finanskompetencepuljen (Finance Competence Fund) and Finansforbundet to develop her skills.

“I am very curious to learn new things. Before my PLD, I usually reflect on, among other things, what development needs I have, and then go through the course overviews in Finanskompetencepuljen and Finansforbundet. It is easier to go to my manager with a wish for training when it is well considered and does not cost anything or is very cheap.”

Most recently, Lene has taken an Advanced Excel course, but she has also been trained in agile project management, innovation in practice and in scrum. Over time, she has participated in numerous of Finansforbundet’s morning meetings and after-work meetings as well.

"I think there are quite a few - especially our new and young colleagues in the sector - who unfortunately do not know about the many advantages of being a member of Finansforbundet.”

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