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... with the wishes for a good summer

Lower your shoulders and take a deep breath. After another few busy months, we hope that the summer will give us all a much-needed respite. It is important to stop, reflect and recharge the batteries.

28. Jun 2023
1 min
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We hope that during the summer you will have the opportunity to unplug for a while and spend time with your loved ones.

We would like to thank all our members and colleagues. In the spring, we broke all records with as many as 900 participants in our annual general meeting, and we have just landed our new company collective agreement with Nordea, which as much as possible for everyone. The annual general meeting and the collective agreement show that our community has many forms. Together we work for the best opportunities for development, well-being and good conditions.

Finally, a special thank you to our senior union, union and work environment representatives for many good conversations. You are our ears and mouthpiece locally and have both given us a lot of useful input and helped the members locally.

Even if summer calls, we will of course ensure that the union office is staffed throughout the summer, so that no member must go in vain if we are needed.

Many happy summer greetings
All of us in Finansforbundet in Nordea


Finansforbundet in Nordea’s board: At the back from the left: Mette Balck Mejlby (vice president), Dorrit Brandt (president), Kasper Skovgaard Pedersen and Katja Larsen. In the front from the left: Ole Lund Jensen, Louise Naur (maternaty leave), Natascha Bødker Feodor Nielsen, Mona Svan and Louise Have Lund. Photo: Lærke Posselt

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