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"I have the best colleagues in the world" - six Skulderklap prize winners were celebrated

Claus, Dorte, Guru, Lone, Martin and Stine received speeches, lunch and a prize of DKK 5,000 each, when this year's six winners of the Skulderklap prize (‘a pat on the back’) were celebrated.

16. May 2022
3 min

Finansforbundet in Nordea's Skulderklap prize is a very special recognition from colleague to colleague, which has now been awarded for the 31st time!

The winners can always tell funny and whimsical stories about how they were surprised when it was revealed that they were among the recipients of the award.

"I know what you want to do!"

But it is not always that it goes as colleagues plan it. One of this year's Skulderklap winners told how she was congratulated twice by mistake before the surprise was to take place - and she even took care of the mailbox for the employee who had nominated her and saw an email about the planned surprise. But then she could surprise back: "I know what you want to do", when her colleagues tried to surprise her! In that way, everyone had an unexpected extra fun day.

All of the 66 colleagues who were nominated by their colleagues for the Skulderklap prize in the autumn received breakfast or the like from Finansforbundet in Nordea before Christmas, when the nominees were to be surprised.

The six Skulderklap prize winners with their diplomas. From left Claus Harring, Lone Hviid Aarestrup, Martin Bækhøj, Dorte Elisabeth Madsen, Guru Suresh Pardeshi and Stine Vestergaard.

Lunch at the top of the parliament

It is a tradition that the six winners of the award are celebrated at a meeting with Finansforbundet in Nordea's board and secretariat around 12 January, which is the union’s birthday.
Corona has meant that the celebration last year had to be virtual, and this year it was moved to April.

Dorrit Brandt, president of Finansforbundet in Nordea, congratulated the six super-colleagues and read aloud the nominations at the award ceremony at Metro in Copenhagen, and the winners told how they had been surprised.

"I have the best colleagues in the world," as one of the winners said.

After the award ceremony, the Skulderklap winners were invited to lunch at top of the parliament - namely ‘Meyers in the Tower’ at Christiansborg.

Once again, congratulations to the six Skulderklap prize winners:

  • Claus Harring, Fokus-team Business Banking DK
  • Dorte Elisabeth Madsen, Bolig og IP-specialister Sjælland
  • Guru Suresh Pardeshi, Web Channel Office
  • Lone Hviid Aarestrup, Private Banking Formueforvaltning – Aarhus
  • Martin Bækhøj, Formueforvaltning Odense
  • Stine Vestergaard, Rudkøbing

Article with one of the Skulderklap prize winners

The Skulderklap prize means a lot to me

Read about Guru Sureshi Pardeshi's experience of receiving the recognition from his colleagues and winning the Skulderklap prize

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