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New members magazine on its way to you

If you are a member of the Finansforbundet in Nordea, our membership magazine will land in your mailbox very soon. You can already read the magazine online here!

16. Nov 2022
2 min
English / Dansk

Find the magazine online here!

In the magazine you can read articles on many topics and as usual, the second last page is in English. In this issue it’s about the importance of taking breaks – even when you're busy!

This magazine is the last we’ll publish the good old fashioned way – printed and delivered to your mail box. Going forward, we’ll communicate even more using our digital channels - and we has actually also published many of the articles from the magazine on Intra and our website - both in Danish and English.

As an non-native Danish speaker, the advantage for you is even more info and articles in English!

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