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Local dialogue about well-being

Leaders and union representatives at Personal Banking Jutland North and East have teamed up to put well-being on the agenda

16. Dec 2022
2 min
English / Dansk

“It would be great if our management team could also hear this!”

Senior union representative Majbrit Lillesand Sørensen and her colleague, union presentative Christina Pedersen, were ‘quite high’ following a presentation about specific tools to increase well-being.

It was held by one of the financial sector’s well-being consultants who visited Vejle at a mid-morning network event. 

“The leaders have been very positive. I hadn’t imagined such a large roll-out,” says Majbrit Lillesand Sørensen, senior union representative in Personal Banking Jutland North and East.

The two union representatives followed up on the idea that the well-being consultants could also visit the management team in Personal Banking Jutland North and East. Head of branch region Michael Fangel found this so interesting that it was agreed to involve the entire management team and the union representatives in the region.   

Well-being consultants Birgit Kjeldsen and Samuel Funk-Hansen have therefore toured the nine different market areas in the region and held three-hour presentations and dialogues. 

Different viewpoints

Subsequently the consultants have also held follow-up meetings with the overall management team.

The plan was to use the latest People Pulse – Nordea’s employee satisfaction survey – as a starting point as well as specific issues in each market area. 

“It differs a bit how much we’ve used People Pulse. The approach depended on the nature of the challenges,” says Majbrit Lillesand Sørensen, who works at Nordea in Holstebro.

“I think that some of the leaders had ‘aha moments’ already after the meetings with the well-being consultants. Now we can build upon that and proceed with the work to improve well-being.”

Everybody is heard

The senior union representative is very pleased with the process so far and appreciates the opportunity to draw on professional resources from the financial sector’s well-being consultants to boost well-being locally at Nordea. 

“The leaders have been very positive. I hadn’t imagined such a large roll-out.”

The next step is to involve the employees in the work to improve well-being, says Majbrit Lillesand Sørensen.

“Everybody gets the opportunity to provide input on what they consider good well-being and how to proceed with the work on well-being going forward.”

The financial sector’s well-being unit

The well-being unit was established in continuation of the collective agreement between Finansforbundet and the Danish Employers’ Association for the Financial Sector. In organisational terms is it anchored in Finansforbundet, but it acts impartially. The well-being consultants may be involved both in case of well-being problems and if well-being is good but needs a further notch up. 

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