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Advisory board in Finansforbundet in Nordea is looking for participants

The board in Finansforbundet in Nordea wishes to receive constructive criticism and new ideas from employees in Nordea on how Finansforbundet in Nordea can develop as a union and how the community and ownership to the decisions in the bank can become even stronger.

20. Oct 2021
2 min

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Thus, we will form an unbiased advisory board of 8-10 employees from Nordea. The advisory board will be conducted by an independent consultant and the members of the advisory board will define themselves which issues to put forward to Finansforbundet in Nordea.

The Advisory Board offers you the chance to

  • Expand your network inside Nordea
  • Tell your honest view on Finansforbundet in Nordea
  • Leave specific ideas on how Finansforbundet in Nordea should look in the future
  • Develop ideas on how employees in Nordea can be listened even more to
  • Getting experience with advising a professional board
  • Show in your CV that you are responsible and engaged when it comes to developing your workplace and union

All employees in Nordea in Denmark can apply for a position in the advisory board – and we urge you to apply, regardless of gender, position and nationality. Members for the advisory board will be selected, based on interest and to ensure a broad representativity. We are especially interested in hearing from employees that haven’t earlier been active in Finansforbundet.


Expectations on members of the advisory board

  • Interested in your colleagues’ work life
  • Clear opinions and yet of course open for other views
  • Courage to developing ideas with colleagues
  • Willing to make a difference
  • Experience with advisory and board services in other contexts is an advantage – but not a demand



The advisory board is expected to develop ideas and recommendations for the board in Finansforbundet in Nordea prior to the annual general meeting in the union in March 2022. The Advisory board is expected to meet 5 times – two of them virtually. The meetings will be facilitated by an external consultant. All meetings will be in Copenhagen with meals included. Costs connected to participating – i.e. transport – will be paid. See the meeting plan.


Meeting plan

  • Kick off in Copenhagen: 24th November 14-18. After that, a professional presentation and dinner 18-21
  • Developing ideas 1: Online workshop 8th December (morning)
  • Presentation for the board in Finansforbundet in Nordea in January
  • Developing ideas 2: Online workshop 10th-14th January (we will state the date and time jointly)
  • Seminar in Copenhagen 6th-10th February (we will state the date and time jointly)
  • Attendance in board meeting in Finansforbundet in Nordeas 11th March


Deadline for applications

1st November 2021 - via this application form.

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