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About us

Skulderklappet. Our history

Skulderklappet (fund)

Since 1991, once a year around our birthday in January, six prizes have been awarded from the Foundation Fund for Finansforbundet in Nordea to members who make an extraordinary contribution to everyday life. It is the employees themselves who nominate their colleagues for the fund, which popularly goes by the name 'Skulderklappet' ('a pat on the back').

Our history

What is today called Finansforbundet in Nordea was founded on January 12, 1991, with the name Unikreds. This happened the year after Privatbanken, Andelsbanken and SDS merged into Unibank.

When Unibank became Nordea in 2000 through a merger of banks in the four Nordic countries, Unikreds changed its name to Nordkreds the year after:

The logo was adjusted a bit in 2004:

In 2006 the name was changed to Kreds Nordea:

Since 27 November 2019 our name has been Finansforbundet i Nordea - because we are here for supporting members of Finansforbundet employed by Nordea. 


Union in Nordea was officially established in 2005 to match Nordea's trans-Nordic organization and strengthen the cooperation between the unions in the four Nordic countries - from 2015 also Poland.