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Late Career

The final stages of working life can be filled with opportunities but also challenges. There are prejudices and myths around age that can unfairly affect experienced employees. Learn more here and get inspiration for the late career you want.

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Three good tips for a better late career


Stay up to date and use your manager

The slogan of lifelong learning also applies when you are 55+ to ensure that you stay attractive on the job and on the labour market. Shorter courses are typically enough to keep you up to date. Be aware of your development opportunities and seek coaching and dialogue with Finansforbundet and your manager. Put your goals into words, use the employee development interview constructively and get input from outside.


Focus on your goals

Listen to yourself and be true to what you want. Do you have untapped potential that you would like to realise? Do you want to reduce managerial responsibility but increase professionalism? Do you want to go down in hours or continue at the same pace? It’s about figuring out what you want and knowing the possibilities. For example, the collective agreement allows for employees 60+ to go down in hours by up to 20 per cent.


Share your thoughts and experiences

A network can be a springboard for change. Either in the form of a changed external reality or in the form of a changed life attitude. Therefore, consider whether you can benefit from a network via Finansforbundet. The network can contribute to giving you new perspectives on your existing job, it can give you ideas for a new job, or it can help you break habitual thinking and frozen routines.

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