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Benefits as a member

Finansforbundet's unemployment insurance fund ensures financial security at the best prices on the market.

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Unemployment benefits and the option of attractive salary insurance ensures peace of mind for you day-to-day. If you are made unemployed, we help you on to your new job. Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund acts as your ‘sparring partner’ throughout your professional life.

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We give you financial security

As a member, you receive unemployment benefits if you lose your job, which gives you financial security. An unemployment period of just three months will see you bringing home the equivalent of ten years’ worth of membership fees.

Attractive salary insurance option

Many of our members are seeking that little bit extra financial security, which is why we provide them with an attractive salary insurance option. If you become unemployed, you can receive up to 90 percent of your previous salary.

Free membership for students

If you are studying and less than 30 years old, you can become a member for free. Older than 30? You can become a member for free if you are part of the voluntary early retirement scheme.

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Less expensive option

We are one of the least expensive unemployment insurance funds in Denmark.

Our knowledge, your profession

Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund is a strong partnership between Finansforbundet and FTFa. We have a unique knowledge of your job market, in other words.

Strong cooperation partners

We work with the best career development and job placement service providers on the market – our collaboration with Mercuri Urval and Jobindex means that the job opportunities we give you are unique.

Lifetime membership

Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund is part of FTFa, which is an interdisciplinary unemployment insurance fund. As such, you can remain with Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund all of your working life – including if you are promoted to management level or change industry.

Entrepreneurs welcome

Do you have your own business? If the answer is ‘yes’, you also have the option of membership in Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund. We have a section dedicated to looking after our members who have their own businesses.

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