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How to vote

The collective agreement applies to you, so it is important that you vote. Voting is easy – find out how to vote here

If you are eligible to vote, you will receive a voting link that is sent to the email you have registered with us.

When the ballot opens, all members who have registered their email address and are eligible to vote will receive an email from with a link to the ballot.

The link is unique to your membership, and all you need to do is enter your date of birth to go to the ballot. Finansforbundet will be the sender of the email, and the subject will be ‘Decide on the results of collecting bargaining ’.

If we do not have your email, we will send you a voting link via e-Boks if you have given us permission to contact you this way. If you do not hear from us, please log in at My union , and check if your member details are up-to-date.

The ballot closes on 31 March at 14:00 upon which the votes will be counted.

You can also vote directly via the link below

You can also go directly to the ballot once it opens using the link below.

This link is not personal, so if you use this method to vote, you will be asked to log in with your MitID/NemID. You can, of course, only vote once regardless of the link you use.

Voting is anonymous and secure

Your vote is fully anonymous, and the voting process is easy and secure. Whichever way you choose to vote, you can only cast your vote once, and it is not possible to change your vote afterwards.

Having problems voting?

Contact us at +45 32 96 46 00 or at