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Finnish finance colleagues in industrial dispute: Don't carry out strike-hit services

Employees at Danske Bank and Nordea, among others, should be aware that, on 1 February, they are not allowed to perform services that would otherwise be performed by a Finnish bank or IT centre.

31. Jan 2024
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On 1 February, employees in the Finnish IT and finance sectors, including others, will stop working for 24 hours.

This is the statement provided by the Finnish trade union Trade Union Pro to Finansforbundet.
According to Trade Union Pro, the purpose of the strike is:

"A continuation of our fight to defend workers' rights and working conditions against the weakening of the terms of employment advocated by Prime Minister Orpo's government."

The strike is legal under Finnish law.

(Artiklen fortsætter efter boksen)
"It cannot be ruled out that employees of Danske Bank, Nordea or MobilePay, for example, will be affected."
- Steven Vallik, Chief Negotiator, Finansforbundet

May affect employees in Denmark

Finansforbundet has been asked to support the Finnish colleagues' strike, and it is therefore important that the union members do not perform what can be described as strike-hit services.
In other words, services that would otherwise have been performed by a company involved in a dispute such as a Finnish bank or IT centre.

"It will probably have limited impact on employees in Danish banks, but it cannot be ruled out that employees in Danske Bank, Nordea or MobilePay, for example, will be affected. Members of Finansforbundet are thus not allowed to perform the tasks that should have been performed by their Finnish colleagues," explains Finansforbundet's Chief Negotiator Steven Vallik.

If you are in doubt as to whether your tasks will be affected by the dispute, please contact your union representative.

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