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Time for renewal in the presidency of Finansforbundet

A highly experienced duo retires from the presidency come the National Congress of Finansforbundet in September.

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President Kent Petersen and Vice President Michael Budolfsen will not accept renomination when Finansforbundet holds its National Congress in September.  

“I feel hugely privileged to have headed Finansforbundet since 2009 and been part of the presidency for 19 years. The time has come for new forces to take over the reins of our union,” says Kent Petersen, who became Vice President of Finansforbundet in 2004 and has been a member of its Executive Committee since 1998.  

During his time as president, Kent Petersen has been involved in a profound digitalisation of the financial sector and been a driving force in the establishment of Copenhagen Fintech. He has contributed to bringing into focus improvement of skills development across the sector – and negotiated six sectoral agreements as head of Finansforbundet, first during the financial crisis and since during the COVID pandemic lockdown.  

These 19 years have brought about sweeping changes to the working lives of the members.  

“As head of Finansforbundet and financial sector employees in Denmark, I have witnessed these changes, which are substantial both to the financial sector and to our society. It has been a tremendous privilege to go to work every day to try, with good colleagues, to make a difference for the employees, the sector and our society. I'll definitely miss that, but I'm also proud of where Finansforbundet is today,” explains Kent Petersen.  

It has been a tremendous privilege to go to work every day to try, with good colleagues, to make a difference for the employees, the sector and our society. I'll definitely miss that, but I'm also proud of where Finansforbundet is today,
- Kent Petersen

Continues until September 

Kent Petersen has attached great importance to developing the community of being employed in the financial sector and creating results through collaboration. 

When he retires in September, he does so based on discussions with the Executive Committee about succession and innovation.  

“In my time in our political system, we have always had useful discussions about the continuity of political leadership in due time before a National Congress that, as you know, elects the presidency.  It is important for an organisation like ours to look ahead well in advance, and in a political organisation, presidencies are only on loan,” he notes.  

Finansforbundet is currently experiencing membership growth and digitalisation while searching for new community models; projects that are very important to Kent Petersen.  

“I will of course continue my work until the National Congress in September, but I won’t be launching that many new projects. I’ll leave that to the new presidency. However, it is important to Finansforbundet that we ensure a smooth transition,” Kent Petersen comments.   

Facts about Finansforbundet’s National Congress 

The National Congress is the supreme authority of Finansforbundet.  

The Congress is held every three years, setting out the future direction for the work of Finansforbundet and electing the political presidency.  

The Congress for 2023 will take place September 26-29 in Nyborg

New role for Michael Budolfsen  

For Vice President Michael Budolfsen too, the National Congress marks the ending of 19 years as Vice President of Finansforbundet.  

In order to ensure the continuity of the international work, Michael Budolfsen will, at the request of the Executive Committee, take on a position in Finansforbundet’s secretariat after the Congress. The reason for doing so is so that the union may keep exerting its decisive international influence in particular in relation to the major impact of European regulation on the financial area.    

  “It's no secret that I'm passionate about international work, which is becoming increasingly important to our members. I believe that, with the chosen solution, we are not only strengthening the international work but also giving way to new perspectives for the political leadership of Finansforbundet. I am pleased that the Executive Committee has given me this opportunity, and I look forward to continuing my work with an affiliation to the secretariat,” says Michael Budolfsen.    


New presidency to be elected by the National Congress   

When convening in September, the National Congress will elect both a president and two vice presidents.  

The Executive Committee thanks the departing presidents for their importance to the union.  

“Both Kent and Michael have had a huge impact on where Finansforbundet is today. We appear as a modern union with membership growth, a high unionisation rate and great ambitions for the future, and Finansforbundet has a lot to thank Kent and Michael for. As a unified political leadership, we owe it to our members to look ahead, and in our discussions about succession and renewal, we have jointly reached the conclusion that it is time for new forces to replace the presidency at the National Congress in September,” reads a joint statement from the Executive Committee of Finansforbundet.  

  The Executive Committee therefore recommends that the National Congress elect Dorrit Groth Brandt as President and Steen Lund Olsen and Jakob Thorgaard as Vice Presidents.”  

  “The actual election of the presidency is inherently a matter for the delegates at the National Congress in September, but I am obviously pleased and proud that the Executive Committee has nominated me as a candidate. I will have a lot more to say about this at a later stage when we are closer to the National Congress,” explains Dorrit Groth Brandt. 

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