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The employers are clear: The sustainable work life will be central

“I see exciting perspectives in this statement” says Dorrit Brandt, President of Finansforbundet.

5. Dec 2023
2 min
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“The sustainable work life will be central.”

Those were the words of Carsten Egeriss, outgoing Chairman of Finans Danmark, as he outlined the perspectives of the future at the annual conference held in The Royal Playhouse in Copenhagen.
And it pleases Dorrit Brandt, President of Finansforbundet:
“Hearing this pleases me. It opens up some interesting perspectives for our collaboration, now that Finans Danmark is also becoming an employer’s association.”

Keep the balance

Dorrit Brandt also took note of the remarks made in various contexts about balancing things in the sector and preparing for scenarios where financial development, and implicitly the sector’s development, could go in either direction. That it is highly uncertain what the development will be.
(Artiklen fortsætter efter boksen)
“Banks are important in good times and bad times.”
- Dorrit Brandt, President of Finansforbundet

”Egeriis spoke about us uniting to strike a good balance in the interactions between sector and society, and the annual conference is very much about how financial businesses and their employees also carry out tasks that are important and fundamental to society. Finansforbundet wants to contribute to these efforts too. Banks are important in good times and bad times,” the president said.

Praise from the minister

She also took note of the praise given to the employees in the sector by Stephanie Lose, Minister of Economic Affairs (Liberal Party).

From the stage, the Minister said that the sector provides security for the Danish people also through the efforts “made by all of your many skilled employees out there every day”.

Carsten Egeriis, on his part, spoke about the important roles that the sector contributes to society – often behind the scenes, but of great importance.

This too reflected a recognition of the employees in the sector, emphasised Dorrit Brandt.

“The successes playing out behind the scenes are the result of contributions by many employees.”
At the annual meeting, Carsten Egeriis, CEO of Danske Bank, was, as anticipated, replaced after three years as Chairman of Finans Danmark by Michael Rasmussen, who is CEO of Nykredit.

Finans Danmark with a new function

On Monday 4 December 2023, the annual general meeting of Finans Danmark elected a new Board of Directors and Chairman, namely Michael Rasmussen, CEO of Nykredit.

The articles of association were also updated to specify that Finans Danmark will also function as an employer’s association henceforth.

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