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Ulrik gets customers for the bank on LinkedIn: Here’s how to do it

Ulrik Knudsen has 19,000 connections on LinkedIn. Read his four tips on how to get started using the preferred social media for the business community.

29. Aug 2022
3 min
English / Dansk

“In two months, I have received seven inquiries on LinkedIn which have resulted in meetings”, says Ulrik Knudsen, Business Manager in Syndbank’s Aarhus branch.

With over 19,000 connections, he dedicates his personal LinkedIn profile to the banking business – both in terms of knowledge and attracting new customers. In fact, he got another direct message on LinkedIn during the interview for this article.

Foto: Martin Dam

If you’d like to start using LinkedIn, he has some tips:

1. Don’t talk about products and sales

Think about how to create value for your network. Ulrik’s “claim to fame” was that he started telling customer stories:

“A typical business adviser will think: ‘I don’t want to say who my customers are. Because then other banks are ready to contact the customer.’ I think the opposite: If I post about companies on LinkedIn, others in their industry might want to get to know Sydbank better.”


Ulrik Knudsen

  • 43 years
  • Business Manager in Sydbank’s Business Department in Aarhus. Manager of seven employees.
  • Business degree in accounting and financial management plus board education.

2. Use stories from your everyday life

Authenticity is important. For example, Ulrik tries to get pictures with him in it if he is at a reception or conference so that he becomes visible.

“Banking is a people business”. If a business owner is considering talking to others, it’s great if they are inspired by my LinkedIn posts and think: “I’ll just call Ulrik or Kim from Sydbank”. Because they’ve seen us on LinkedIn or elsewhere”, says Ulrik.

3. Do it – instead of talking about it

The biggest barrier to getting started with LinkedIn is yourself. You have to set aside thinking about what other people think.

“Many people are uncertain and only think about how wrong it can go if they put something up”, says Ulrik.

4. Create continuity

Make a goal and agree with yourself that you will, for example, post once a week. It’s important that you practice – and find your own way of doing it, Ulrik emphasises:

“You can’t say: Do it just like Ulrik. You have to find your own way. I found my way through trial and error over many years. Many people think about what to put up for 4-5 days – instead of getting started. It can’t be said enough that it’s important to practice.”


LinkedIn will not make you a better banker

LinkedIn is one factor amongst many if you want to be successful as a business consultant. Obviously, your professionalism has to be in order, and you have to be able to execute the customer’s wishes, Ulrik points out.

He has a strategic goal of increasing their knowledge of Sydbank and himself – and LinkedIn is one of the tools for this.

Ulrik spends about half an hour per full day on LinkedIn. He posts 2-5 times a week. When asked whether it’s crossing a line to show so much of himself, he replies:

“It’s easy to be personal without saying anything private.”

Personally, Ulrik gets inspiration, networking and visibility from LinkedIn. LinkedIn has made his face known amongst colleagues, in the industry and in society.

FinansWatch has written about Ulrik’s use of LinkedIn twice. And he is currently doing a series of posts on his profile where party leaders like Alexander Vanopslag (LA), Sofie Carsten Nielsen (R), Jakob Ellemann (V) and Pernille Vermund (NB) pose for photos and answer Ulrik’s questions about their business policy vision for the future.

“I have written to five party leaders in Christiansborg. Four of them have replied and would like to participate”, Ulrik finishes.

“I have written to five party leaders in Christiansborg. Four of them have replied and would like to participate”, Ulrik finishes.

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