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Finansforbundet triples Christmas donation to the vulnerable

This year's Christmas donation from Finansforbundet is significantly higher than usual. The money will especially help vulnerable people living i Denmark.

30. Dec 2022
1 min
English / Dansk

Once again, Finansforbundet has chosen to donate a significant amount to particularly vulnerable people on the occasion of Christmas.

"We are in a situation where an extraordinarily large number of families have been affected financially," says President Kent Petersen, referring to the soaring inflation and the global energy crisis.

This year’s donation is three times as large as usual and is funded in particular by money from cases won by Finansforbundet in the Danish Labour Court or awarded to us through negotiations with the Danish Employers' Association for the Financial Sector.

"Families and single parents who are in a tight spot financially are among those we focus on helping this year."
- Kent Petersen, President of Finansforbundet

These groups will receive a donation from Finansforbundet

  • Mødrehjælpen (an organisation offering support and counselling to pregnant women as well as families in vulnerable positions)
  • Dansk Folkehjælp (Danish People’s Aid)
  • Varmestuen Fedtekælderen, a shelter operated by Kirkens Korshær (DanChurchSocial)
  • ITU Affiliates in Ukraine
  • Danske Hospitalsklovne (Danish Hospital Clowns)
  • Hus Forbi (an organisation helping the homeless)

Local community assistance

Fedtekælderen, a shelter operated by DanChurchSocial, will also receive a part of the Christmas donation. The shelter is located just around the corner from the head office of Finansforbundet at Christianshavn.

"All organisations have a duty to interact with their local community. It therefore makes sense to focus on helping in particular the homeless people we meet on a daily basis," Kent Petersen says.


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