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Big interest in fighting financial crime

Finansforbundet’s role as an agenda setter and bridge in the fight against financial crime was once again established at the annual compliance conference.
Here, more than 200 people met to discuss what can be done to fight financial crime.

17. Mar 2022
2 min

The financial sector has an important societal task in combating money laundering and terrorism. A task that requires more and more resources with more and more complex rules to be complied with in the money laundering function, compliance function, in IT, and in the customer-facing functions.

A fight that requires dedicated and competent employees, but also creates a need for close cooperation and networks across borders and institutions. This was emphasised at Finansforbundet’s annual compliance conference on Wednesday last week, which was an event with a broad range of more than 200 professional actors from Denmark and abroad.
Or as Vice-President of Finansforbundet Michael Budolfsen said in his welcome:

“We are experiencing increasing challenges with cross-border criminals when it comes to money laundering, funding of terrorism, and cybercrime. We have an enormous task here where we need to be resilient and where the cooperation between financial institutions, authorities and governments is more important than ever.”

Knowledge sharing is our weapon

A willingness to cooperate that was repeated by many of the day’s speakers, including names like: Chief Consultant of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) Anders Vogelsang, Commissioner of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority Stig Nielsen and Head of Transaction Monitoring of Nordea Henrik Koch, who said, amongst other things:

“Fighting financial crime is not a competition. We can only succeed if we share information, knowledge and cooperate with everyone across financial institutions, organizations and authorities both at home and internationally. This is why we are here today - and in Nordea we share with everyone who wants it.”

Get the latest knowledge

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